Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations of this Institution.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Whenever it appears to the Governing Council that it is advisable to alter, extend or abridge the aims and objects of the Society either wholly or partially, the Governing Council may take necessary action in accordance with the provisions of section of the Societies Registration Act with the prior approval of the State Government.

Amalgamation With Other Societies

If in the opinion of the Governing Council it is desirable to amalgamate the Society either wholly or partially with any other Society having similar aims and objects, it can be done as per provision of section of the Societies Registration Act, and with the prior consent of the Registrar and the State Government.

Seal of the Society

The Governing Council of the Society shall provide a seal and also its safe custody and the seal shall never be used except with the authority of Governing Council previously given and one member of the Council shall sign every instrument to which the seal is affixed and every such instrument shall be countersigned by the Secretary or by some other person appointed by the Council.


Dissolution of the Society


The Society shall not be dissolved without the consent of the State Government and upon such dissolution, the assets of the Society shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions contained in the Societies Registration Act as applicable to the State of  H.P.

Submission of Annual List

Once in every year a list of members shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies as per provisions of (Section---) of the Societies Registration Act.

Legal Proceedings

The Society may sue or may be sued in the name of the Chairman or the Secretary of the Society as per provisions laid down under (Section----) of the Societies Registration Act.

Applicablity Clause

All the provisions of the Societies Registration Act,2006 shall apply to this Society.