So many faclities avaiable on this Govt. ITI


  • Library:

    This institution provides the library facilities to trainees. In library has kept different types of the books as well as vocational, Academic & professional books for study to help the trainees time to time.
  • Sports:

    Playing games can make you feel super stimulated, and they're equally important as other academic activities for some wellbeing reasons. Here we have discussed some benefits of integrating sports in the academic curriculum and activities.
  • Computers & IT Lab:

    In addition to the Computer Lab of the institute which lab to specialized computational needs of the academic community, the department has its own computing facilities for faculty Staff and students of the department.
  • Workshops:

    The workshop supports teaching activities in the Institution by providing demonstrations of machining and other manufacturing processes and by manufacturing equipment used in teaching and research. Our workshop facility plays an important role in the design phase of nearly all work that passes through this area. Workshop staff assists both undergraduate and postgraduate students with all aspects of their designs, including material selection, design optimization etc.
  • Bio-metric Attendance:

    This institution has installed the biometric attendance machine to trainees and staff. These systems provide numerous benefits to this institute such as monitoring Staff & Trainees.
  • Educational SMS Services:

    The Institution has provides the Educational SMS services to trainees these services provide instant information to trainees i.e. results, holidays, new activities & other information.
  • Digital Certificates:

    A Digital Certificate is an electronic card, or the digital equivalent of an identification card, that certifies online transactions, e-commerce and other authentications on the Internet. A third-party Certificate Authority (CA) issues a public key on high-volume ecommerce sites, in emails send by financial services, banks and other online privacy-based businesses. These certificates are meant to authenticate the legitimacy of the communications, interactions and possible transactions between the sender and the receiver on Websites, e-commerce portals, banking sites. These certificates also authenticate casual surfing of portals, sites and forums.
  • CCTV Camera:

    All the institution area covered under CCTV surveillance i.e Theory rooms, computer lab, IT Lab Works shops and others area.